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The Importance of a Roof Inspection Prior to Snowfall


Here in Utah, we will soon be singing aloud the words to one of our favorite winter tunes “Let It Snow * Let It Snow* Let It Snow”.  The team at  Heaton Brothers Roofing wants you to understand the importance of having your roof inspected in preparation for the heavy snowfall and harsh winter winds typical during our long winter season!

Cold winter weather can wreak havoc on an existing needed roof repair.  Such things as a small leak, when exposed to freezing cold temperatures, can widen in the roof and turn an otherwise easy inexpensive repair into a large-scale and costly issue.   Melting snow and ice continuously dripping into a small leak can also weaken the structure of your roof and cause a dangerous instability to your roof structure.  

Minor roofing issues may seem harmless and yet when the small damaged areas are exposed to rain, sleet, ice, snow, or freezing winds, unusual levels of moisture are introduced and can easily cause further damage.

During the winter, it is not uncommon to experience, ice dams. An ice dam occurs as heat from your home creates a warm patch along your roof – most often because of lack of insulation and ice-damsinadequate ventilation in your attic causing the snow to melt and then refreeze when the temperature drops.  Ice builds along these sections of the roof and creates an ice pocket.  Ice dams can impact not only the roof and gutters but also your home leaving it open to water leaks, damage to walls and house structure, exposure to mold within your insulation, and even introducing poor air quality into your home.    A pre- winter inspection can identify areas where ice dams may occur and educate you as to your best course of action should you start noticing a problem during the winter months.  

Roof issues also present the problem of home energy leaks – this could send your utility bills soaring through the roof!

Snow, particularly here in the Salt Lake Valley, can be extraordinarily heavy demanding your roof to support the extra weight.  Even a small structural problem,  without an inspection, could go unnoticed and the additional weight might generate a dangerous collapse risking injury to yourself or your family.  You do not want to learn your roof has a weak area right in the middle of a massive snowstorm.  

Some experts have gone so far as to suggest that failing to properly inspect and maintain your roof could result in it needing to be replaced much sooner than its original projected lifetime.  Even as little as only utilizing your roof to its halfway mark.  They also point out that many of the unnecessary repair costs could be avoided with pre-winter roof inspections and maintenance.  A roof inspector from Heaton Brother Roofing can determine the condition of each part of your roof and propose whether any urgent repairs  are needed:

  • Flashing, vents, boots
  • Shingles
  • Chimneys, Skylights
  • Eavestroughs
  • Attic insulation
  • Attic ventilation
  • Soffits/Fascia

An early winter residential roofing inspection by Heaton Brothers Roofing is the best way to escape lengthy spring repairs. And most importantly, it’s worth the cost of your family’s safety.  Give us a call today (801) 997-9990 or visit our website