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Choosing A Roof Fit For Your Climate

Choosing A Roof Fit For Your Climate

Every home needs a nice, sturdy roof. The roof is our first shield against nature’s unpredictable maelstroms, summer’s unforgiving heat waves, and winter’s cold frenzies. A roof is often neglected and yet it still protects. If there’s any part of the house that deserves a trophy for gallantry – it’s the roof.

However, it is also necessary to know that every roof is designed to protect its owner differently – some are not built to withstand the cold while others easily succumb to the harshness of the sun. Putting the wrong roof on top of the wrong infrastructure wouldn’t help anyone out. After all, it is all too often that roofs expire earlier than intended because they are installed in places they shouldn’t be – bearing climates that aren’t fit for them.

Roofs may look all too similar but in terms of utility, certain types are made especially to withstand different situations – or weathers, to be exact. To better guide you in your roofing selections, we have prepared this short article. Here we present different roof types for different climates.

If you’re planning to build a new roof anytime soon, you might as well read on.

For Cold, Snowy Climates

Winter is great for making snow angels and instigating snow ball fights. However, too much snow can also be a real pain in the neck – metaphorically and literally speaking. If you’re living in snowy regions, then seeing snow isn’t all that new to you. If anything, it isn’t as much fun as it is annoying – especially when it starts creating trouble for your roof. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make your roof snow-proof, or at least snow-resistant.

First off, choose a metal roof. This type of roof easily sheds snow without you having to help with the tow. It’s quite convenient for places that snow a lot. Asphalt shingles are also quite formidable against harsh winters, perfect to keep the frostbite out of your home. Metal roofs are typically simple but just in case you get any ideas, avoid getting a roof that is so intricately designed. Snow will eventually accumulate in the pattern’s grooves and edges – it’s like giving yourself post-dated work. And lastly, carefully plan out the entrances you allow into your home (e.g. chimneys, skylight, etc.). Remember that these added features also increase the cold air so be careful where you put them!

For Hot, Sizzling Climates

What’s worse than seeing snow all-year-round is getting fried all-year-round – seriously, living in what feels like a brick oven is never a good feeling. But just like how roofing options are available for cold climates, there are also roofs perfect to help you keep your cool in the blazing heat.

What you need is a clay tile roof – Terra Cotta being a popular kind. Terra Cotta is an Italian phrase that means “cooked earth” in English. And, it really is. This is also what makes it so effective in warding off heat from residential homes. The shape of each tile, which is slightly curved, helps with the circulation of air inside the house – making the warm, humid air go away to keep things cooler. The only downside is price. But hey, nothing great comes cheap. And because clay tiles are generally durable, you’ll definitely get back your investment in full.