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A Roof Over Your Head Is As Important As The Bed Beneath Your Head

When you live life on the fast track, it is common to get caught up in your everyday tasks and forget other seemingly unimportant tasks such as having your roof inspected. Most people believe that the roof over their heads is as secure as the walls around them and give little thought to investing in a yearly roof maintenance.

A word of advice, if you would like to save yourself the headache of massive roof repairs, invest in a professional roofing contractor for an ongoing yearly maintenance to inspect and carry out essential repairs your roof may be in need of.

Possible Roofing Issues

Ice Dams 

  • If you live in an area that is subject to harsh winters, keep a look out for Ice Dams. Ice dams generally form on the sloping roofs of heated structures when the ice under the snow melts, drips and then most undesirably re-freezes on the eve. This could cause serious damage. To guard against this problem, it is recommended that you consider insulating your home very well; by insulation the walls of your home, the heat inside the house will not penetrate through the roof and melt the ice.


  •  If you have a sloping roof you should consider ridge vents to ensure good airflow in your roof. The airflow will dismiss mold and other related issues.


  •  Make sure the skylights are properly installed, if not they could be a source for leaks and a slew of related problems.

Types of Roofsand Troughs


  • Shingles are both functional and aesthetic in nature. They are meant to divert water from the surface of the roof. Today’s market offers over sixty varieties of shingles, therefore take care to choose the right type for its functionality rather than aesthetics. A professional roofing contractor will guide you in the choice of the right types of shingles for your home.

Flat Roofs 

  • The seasoned roofing consultant will advise you on the right material and membrane for a flat roof. A flat roof can be extremely problematic if you live in a climate with a lot of snow and/or rainfall. A professional roofing contractor will be able to insure your roof has proper run off in case of precipitation. 


  • While it is essential to have a channel for a free flow of water from the roof, it is equally important that the wastewater flows away from the foundation of the building. This is a fact most people often overlook.  A proficient roofer will be able to plot the path of the diverted water towards a storm water drain away from your home.

What To Look For When Selecting A Roofing Consultant:

  1. A roofer who can provide quality work and value for money.

  2. A roofer who can provide prompt and professional service

  3. A roofer who delivers satisfaction and instills trust in the client

  4. A roofer who uses quality material from reputable and certified manufacturer

Remember, only if your roof is safe and secure will you be able to enjoy a peaceful, warm, and trouble-free night’s sleep.

Do not hesitate to call an expert roofing contractor to check your roof yearly.