Small Commercial Roofing

Heaton Roofing is a bonded, licensed, and insured commercial roofing company. We install, repair, or design small commercial roofing systems including banks, restaurants, office buildings, churches, strip malls and gas stations. We began serving the community in 1958 and since then have maintained an excellent reputation for delivering fast dependable service. We serve our commercial customers with the latest advances in roofing technology, whether it is new construction, re-roofing, periodic inspection, and maintenance, or emergency services. As a business owner in today’s fast-paced world, you face any number of factors with the potential to cause significant financial losses. Efficiency studies show that during the last five years as much as 30 percent of your commercial buildings’ energy might be escaping through the roof. This may result in the loss of varying dollar amounts depending on the size of your building. One answer to reducing this expense is choosing the best roofing material for your roofing needs.

At Heaton Roofing we are experts in the roofing field. Our team has considerable knowledge and skill when it comes to serving businesses in the Salt Lake area. Let us help you save money and protect your assets from the elements. We provide an assortment of commercial roofing services made to accommodate your unique needs. You’ll discover a host of different roofing systems for commercial buildings, each with its own set of advantages. All of our systems meet local and federal efficiency standards, so choosing the right one for your building depends mainly on your type of industry, the equipment you need to house, your area it resides and several other factors. Since we live in a zone where it is not uncommon to encounter extended periods of frigid temperatures, be sure to consider a roofing system option appropriate for our climate. It doesn’t matter if you are constructing a new building, planning to renovate or only make repairs – we offer consultations and expert advice on which roofing system will best meet both your needs and your budget. We will install your roof for you and set up a schedule for regular inspections based on the materials used for your system.

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