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How To Choose A Quality Roofing Contractor

Selecting a certified and high-quality roofing contractor can often be a daunting task for those who are unfamiliar with the roofing industry. It is important to choose a certified roofing company who will honor their warranty and provide quality workmanship. The following information may help you with your decision making when it comes to selecting a roofing contractor:


How long Has The Company Been In Business?

An established company means they will most likely be around if you happen to have any future problems. They are more likely to be able to fulfill any warranty specifications on the roof installation or roofing repair.


Does The Business Have Permanent Information?

A roofing contractor should be able to provide permanent business information. When a company has a permanent business address, e-mail, and phone number it is a sign the company is stable.


Is A Deposit Required? Or Does The Company Supply A Written Contract & Estimate?

Most companies should supply all the job specifications in writing before any work is done. Companies that are financially sound generally do not require a deposit. Although deposits are common, be wary of any requests of more than ⅓ of the project cost.


Are Any Subcontractors Used?

Subcontractors often produce poor workmanship on projects since they hurry through jobs in order to finish as fast as possible. This is a result of them being paid on a per job basis. They don’t really care whether the client is happy or not, they just want their money. 


Is The Company A Member Of The Better Business Bureau?

Make sure to research all the roofing contractors on the Better Business Bureau and your Chamber of Commerce. Before choosing a contractor, look at the overall rating of the business and keep in mind the size of the company. 


Do They Have A Good Reputation With The Workplace Safety & Insurance Board? And Do They Have Liability Insurance?

A company that is established should be in good standing with the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board. They should also carry Liability Insurance in case anything ever goes wrong on the job site.


Is Your Contractor A Certified Installer Of The Products They Use?

Certified contractors can follow more strict guidelines and offer stronger warranties on the products they install.


Are Emergency Services Available?

A contractor who offers emergency services will be able to take care of serious problems quickly. They offer emergency services during evenings, weekends and even holidays.


Ask For References & Read Online Reviews

A well-established roofing company should be able to supply a long list of happy customers that wouldn’t mind sharing their experience. Be sure to also read any reviews on google, facebook, and HomeAdvisor.

It is important to never decide on a roofing contractor by the price alone. In such an unregulated industry, pretty much anyone can be a roofing contractor. Un-certified and self-proclaimed handymen can provide quotes well below more qualified contractors. Be sure to look for differences in job specifications and materials when comparing different companies and quotes. When you need a qualified roofing company, give Heaton Brothers Roofing a call at (801)997-9990.