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How To Protect Your Roof From Its Worst Foes

How To Protect Your Roof From Its Worst Foes

Everything is bound to dislike something – roofs are no exception. If living things know how to hate, non-living things do too – they just have a different way of showing it.

When people like something, they smile and feel happy. But when people dislike something, they frown and look down. In the case of roofs, when they like something, they shine and their colors glow brighter. But when they hate something, they corrode and fall apart. The only difference is that roofs can’t run away from things they dislike, things that destroy them. I’m pretty sure that if they can talk they’d want us to do the protecting for them because we’re alive and they aren’t (duh). This may sound like a completely bizarre analogy but surely you get the whole point of this silly story.

A roof can’t protect itself from the threats of things it dislikes most. And so, it needs you to protect it – to keep it looking bright and happy. In order to do that, you first need to know what elements are out to get your roof. And we’re here to tell you all about them. And as a bonus, we’ll throw in a few tips to help you ward them off as well!

When Rain Drops Become Rain Storms

Surely, raindrops feel romantic in chick flicks. The soft trickling of salty water against the skin, gives us the impression that rain, or water in general, is a soft-spoken element. Mind you, that which appears most gentle is like a lion waiting for the perfect time to roar. Thunderstorms are brewing as we speak – weaving together the maddest, wettest mayhem that’ll leave your roofs tattered and worn. Rain is a common culprit to degrading roof quality. Preparing for the heaviest rains would be ideal to keep your roof’s lustre. You can do so by regularly coating your roof with high-quality, water-resistant paint. You don’t have to do this on a monthly basis; good paint wears off slowly. Simply schedule annual checks to make sure your roof is still in tip-top shape – make it bi-annual if you live in the tropics.

The Sun’s Heat Dulls Your Roof’s Colors

Try leaving any object under the sun for a long period of time. I’m talking months – or better yet, years. You’ll observe that the object’s color will soon fade and become dull. This is what too much heat does to things – it does the same to your roof too. Too much radiation from the sun is sure to leave your roofs lifeless. And in the long run, it can corrode the material as well. The best way to avoid this is to install a heat-resistant roof in the first place – something like Terra Cotta, or other clay/ceramic-based material. That is, if you haven’t had your roof installed yet. If your roof has long been installed in your home, try using heat-resistant or elastomeric paint for roofs. This should help preserve your roof’s color for several summers.