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With 4 generations of experience and knowledge, Heaton Brothers Roofing is the company your family needs. Whether you need a commercial or residential job, the certified contractors at Heaton Bros. can handle it all. From large jobs of new construction and roof replacement to smaller roof repairs, we got your roof covered.


Midvale, UT

At the point when the pioneer pilgrims touched base in the Utah Valley, they saw the wealth of chances the land brought. The Mormon pioneers started to rely upon the land and perceived the extravagance they found. They saw the flooding brooks and streams and the totally open valley and saw the potential for lavish agribusiness land and fields. They, in the end, found the concealed minerals and metals that would the valley create developing networks in the zone of exchange and industry. The city of Midvale started to take frame once this happened. The western portion of the city was first created as mining and processing territory and the eastern half was framed as horticulture homesteads and neighborhoods.

The Old Town zone of Midvale started at first as a focal point of industry and mining. In 1851, Mormon pioneer families started touching base to begin settling the Utah valley. The zone known as Midvale bloomed amid the 1870’s because of the mining occurring in Bingham Canyon and furthermore the formation of the railroad. The territory was at first called Bingham Junction and was an imperative midpoint for the rail between mining in Bingham Canyon and Little Cottonwood Canyon. At the point when diggers found silver in the Little Cottonwood Canyon and Bingham Canyon, individuals from all overheard the news and rushed to be a piece of the immense mining blast in the Salt Lake Valley, and particularly Midvale. Once the mining business touched off, so did the ascent of lodgings, motels, cantinas, and schools. The entire mining blast made the flourishing new city of Midvale.


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