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Repairing Or Replacing A Roof? – Call The Professionals

When man ventured out of living in caves and into more secure dwellings, one of the most complex aspects of the building process was the roof. It had to be strong enough to withstand weather conditions but not too heavy to prevent the walls to crumble beneath its weight. It was the most complex aspect of the entire architectural structure.

Roofs continue to be a key aspect of building a home. A roof should both look aesthetically pleasing as well as function properly. No matter the type of roof you decide to build, each type of roof has an unique maintenance schedule. We will discuss the maintenance and necessary upkeep of roofs.

Always Rely On The Professional

Choose a professional roofing service that is: 

  • Committed The Profession

  • Has A Thourough Knowledge Of Roofing

  • Has A Good Reputation

  • Has A Lot Of Work Experience

  • Has The Integrity To Provide An Honest Opinion

  • Uses Quaility Roofing Materials

  • Listens To What The Client Wants

Remember, the roofing system is by far the most valuable investment in the entire home. If the roof is not done properly you run the risk of a water leak, shingles blowing off or even worse, the roof collapsing. It is wise to choose a professional roofing contractor for yearly roof inspections. Preventive steps can be taken through yearly roof inspections and necessary repairs to avoid major problems in the future.

Warning Signs To Look For

  1. Leaks

The first of the warning sign is a leak coming from the ceiling. With today’s technology, professional roofing contractors can identify potential leaks before they even start. They can remedy potential roof leaks before they become into a huge problem.

  1. Weak Membrane Seams

Look out for loose or open membrane seams in the roof. One loosened seam is an indication that several others will open up in the near future. Select a good roofing contractor who can identify this potential problem.

  1. Cracking

Over a period of time, the tar linings on the roof tend to shrink and crack. Harsh winters further accelerate this condition. A knowledgeable roofing contractor will use the right material to seal the cracks as a maintenance measure.

  1. Loose Protrusions

As the screws and nails loosen in the substrate there’s room for water to seep in. A competent roofing contractor will identify the faulty areas and re-secure them thus avoiding costly repair.

Infra-Red Technology

Infra-Red Technology is today widely used by commercial roofing consultants to identify spots of hidden moisture. This process is highly dependable and exceedingly beneficial as it enables the roofing consultant to take required preventive steps. Having identified the areas requiring repair, no time and money are lost in attending only to the affected area. Should the area affected be large, then perhaps it would be wiser to replace the entire roof.

Pre-fabricated Roofs

 ontrary to popular belief, pre-fabricated roofs are long-lasting because all errors of field installation are minimized when the roofs are pre-fabricated. These roofs are manufactured under optimum conditions.

Given the importance of roofs, always call a professional roofing contractor for advice and inspection. Do not underestimate the importance of periodic roof inspections. Remember a competent roofing contractor will be up to date on modern methods of remedies and maintenance.