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Fixing damaged roof shingles.  A section was blown off after a storm with high winds causing a potential leak.

Roof Repairs

Most roof repair issues can be small and easily repaired. Heaton Brother Roofing provides quality repair to prevent further damage to your roof and property. Maintaining a sturdy roof should be at the top of a homeowners repairs list to avoid the expense of a full roof replacement.

Our local Salt Lake City roof repair experts service roofs of all types, residential or commercial. Shingle roof repair, metal roof repair, flat roof repair – we handle all of it. We are dedicated to providing the same attention to detail in our repairs as we guarantee in our new roof installations.
Because of our many years in the roofing business, we have dealt with all the effects of Utah’s weather and have the expertise to take care of all your roofing repairs. We can address ice damage, venting and flashing problems, roof leaks caused by various factors, and more. Left unattended, roof leaks bring on any number of headaches for a homeowner, from mildewed walls and water stained ceilings to dangerously damaged structure supports. As moisture accumulates in our attics, walls, or insulation, it creates an ideal environment for mold. Mold is a serious, toxic risk to you and your family’s health.

Often homeowners are wary of calling a roofing company when they suspect a leak because of the fear associated with costly roof replacement. Don’t wait – putting off that call can lead to much greater costs down the road when a simple repair could be all that’s required. If you discover loose or missing shingles, damp insulation, broken or damaged flashing – there is a good chance that a roofing repair may be in order. Our qualified roofing pros arrive prepared to track down leaks at their origin and make the essential repairs quickly and to your total satisfaction.
Are you missing a shingle? Not a problem Let our experts quickly replace missing or damaged shingles now to save you money and serious trouble down the road. It doesn’t matter if your home is covered by ceramic, metal or asphalt shingles; whether your roof is sloped or flat; if you need a single shingle or several replaced, our technicians will respond to your needs quickly and efficiently to restore your roof to 100%.

If your roof has deteriorated to the point of requiring emergency roof repair – we offer this service as well. We will arrive as soon as possible, fix the problem or at least assemble a temporary solution until a complete repair can be accomplished.

If you are unsure if your roof needs repair or not – one of our qualified roof inspectors may be helpful. Let us help take care of you, and your roofing needs.
A sound roof protects your family, your belongings and keeps you warm and dry all year long. If you notice signs of wear, call Heaton Brothers Roofers -we’ll give you a no-pressure, honest, and fair bid for your repairs!

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