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Roofs And Roofing – The Right Way To Go About It

Every man’s dream is to have a roof over his head. The importance of a long-lasting roof cannot be overemphasized.

Nature’s Effects On Roofs

Let us take a look at roofs and what goes into making a durable roof. To combat the harsher elements of nature, most commercial buildings are heavily insulated. This means the roof membrane has to take on the energy, and with variances in day and night temperatures. There is a corresponding swing in expansion and contraction, which has a detrimental effect on the life of the roof.

Ensuring A Longer Roof Life

Prevention is better than cure. Likewise in all civil matters, periodic and thorough inspections can extend the life of the roof. The areas that need to be carefully checked are the drainage areas, penetrations points, and the roofing membrane. Most leaks start to from along these areas and we all know a leaking roof can cause damage. If repairs are made soon enough, the large expense of a serious roof damage can be avoided. Simple maintenance such as clearing accumulated dry foliage should not be overlooked.

A Few Tips On Roof Maintanance

One of the first steps is to look for missing shingles. Those shingles are vital to the health and durability of your roof. Their absence spells unwanted exposure of the roof to the inclement elements of nature and could cause water damage. Warped shingles are another warning sign, it could indicate that they have already absorbed rainwater. In either case, replace the missing or damaged shingles immediately.

The Build Up Of Roofing Granules

If you find a particularly large amount of granules in the gutter of your roof, heed the warning signs by calling a professional roofing service. If ignored, the roof problem could become serious and become a safety hazard.

Leaks In The Attic

On a sunny day, go to your attic and look for glints of sunlight through the roof. If you can see the sunlight seeping in, it means rainwater can also seep in. This could mean there is moisture in the woodwork and mold growing. Call a professional roofing service right away to get the roof leak repaired immediately.

Repairing A Roof

Considering a DIY roof repair? Well, there are repairs that you can safely do but there are others that require the services of a professional. It could prove cheaper to pay a professional to do the job than experimenting with it yourself and going wrong.

Four Myths Separated From The Truth: 

  1. The life of the roof is as long as that of the building. False – Studies have shown that while most buildings have a lifespan of 75+ years, the life of the roof is only about 1/5th of that time period.

  2. Roof replacement is a time-consuming job. False – If you get the professionals to handle the job, the work can be completed within a day or two.

  3. A repair job is cheaper than replacing the entire roof. False – once the lifespan of the roof is over, a repair job will not endure. You will have to start from scratch to replace the entire roof thus nullifying the amount spent on repairs. The professionals will advise you when it is time to replace your entire roof.

  4. The homeowners insurance will not be valid if the roof is replaced. False – underwriters know that the dangers of living under a faulty roof are far-reaching and they have laws safeguarding the insurance claim.

Therefore it would be wise to rely on the professional roofing consultants for proper maintenance of your roof for a longer lasting, more durable, weatherproof roof.