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Top Roofing Contractor Qualities

Living in the Salt Lake City area gives you options. You have a plethora of choices with just about anything you need. This is true when it comes to Salt Lake City roofing contractors. You would think they are all professional, reputable, quality roofing companies, but unfortunately, this is not the case. It is difficult to know who to call when looking for a roofing contractor because there are so many, and you just never know what you are going to get. 

It is important for Salt Lake City residents to know what to look for and how to go about the search. Below are 5 qualities that a top roofing company should have.

Actual Business Location

A good roofing company will have a permanent business location. There is no guarantee with this one, but it does show some validity. A roofing business that has a permanent address and phone number show more stability that one without it. One that has been around for years and established a good reputation helps as well.

Proper Permits and Licenses

A trustworthy and reputable roofing company won’t think twice about obtaining the proper licenses and permits. Even though this requires time, effort, and money, top roofing contractors do it.  Furthermore, they don’t cut corners.


Reputable roofing companies will provide guarantees. These guarantees assure homeowners that quality products and services will be provided. A company that will not guarantee their work probably doesn’t do great work. The best roofing contractors use products guaranteed by the manufacturer. Similarly, top roofing contractors should provide a minimum of one year guarantee on the work that is done.


Consequently, insurance is the most important characteristic of a reputable roofing company. Without insurance, the homeowner becomes liable for any injury, damage, or accidents. What homeowner wants that responsibility? Before you sign any paperwork, ask to see their proof of insurance and make sure it is valid. Call the insurance company provider to verify. Don’t take any chances here.


It should be easy for a reliable roofing company to provide at least 10 references. Take the time to contact these references. You should ask questions about the service they provided and the quality of the products that were used. Find out the time frames of the jobs and if there were any issues. Inquire about the professionalism, not only of the contractor but of the technicians. Ask how scheduling and guarantees were handled.  Calling references will ensure you hire a top quality roofing contractor. Similarly, you will be prepared and know what to expect from them. In short, you will have a pretty good idea what you are getting into.


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